Ah, the Gun is Far From Loaded

Ah, the gun is far from loaded 

I just keep it near for comfort
You need not be alarmed
I’ve never hurt a man
It’s not in my nature

When she told me she was yours
I didn’t scream or break the flowers
I just poured a drink
I then decided to come
to your home

Now you’re standing by your doorway
I sit at your kitchen table
What a scene
Like something from an
old western

You know I know your sins
I am not your priest or Mary
Just the jilted one
But don’t worry
‘Bout the gun or temper

Let’s discuss this without drama
You must stay here till we’re finished
It’s rude to leave
Sit down before I change
My sense of honor

This is not now her concern
And there’s no need for police
We are both proper men
You haven’t moved to sit
At the table

You trip running out the door
I’m not bad at loading bullets
I will chase you to the sea
Why must you make
a situation violent?

You are sledding down the stairwell
How the stairs push down in spirals
I draw my aim
My hands are shaky
I am no longer me

Oh the frame is falling down
Smoke and momentary thunder
Then some distant scream
The body lies somewhere
near the exit

G-d is hidden in the light
I am naked in the shadows
But this new blood’s between
I watch it before my turn
to face the barrel


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