Heaven on Earth Day PT. 2

‚Äč   How strange to be ordinary. To be mundane. To be in the crowd, to be of the crowd, to not stand out, to be one of the faces,  one of the many, to blur with the other faces. What a strange idea to be ordinary. To share with the masses diminished dreams and expectations. To not be a hero or a villain. To be an extra in the own movie of your life. 

    How strange to be ordinary. To watch the ships go by and never be in a ship, to watch the planes fly above you and never be in the plane. To go through the woods and not get lost. To climb the mountain and not receive a revelation. To walk by the person of your dreams, but only walk by. 

    Oh,  how strange to be ordinary. 
    To watch what everyone watches, to hear what everyone hears. To be awoken by noises in the dark, but just the wind hitting the door. To have children who will be like you. Oh, how strange is it to be ordinary. 
   To believe not in no God but not believe in Him either. To wish to love. To try to hate. To be petty in your giving and greedy in your getting. To view this universe as a backdrop for your comfort. 
    How strange to be ordinary. 


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