Corrine Corrina

This traditional blues song has many lyrical variations. Here’s my own. 

Corrine Corrina 

To yourself be kind

Corrine Corrina

You’re on my mind

I will worry about you, babe

You’re breaking all the time
Corrine Corrina

All things fall apart

I wish you were here

And I know where we’d start

On the couch next to me

I could show you my heart
Corrine Corrina

Pour yourself a drink

If you don’t you’ll be shaking

Till you cannot think

How did we ever get here?

How same the chain and glass clink. 
Corrine Corrina

I can’t save you from you

You’re doing a really bad job

It’s not how you normally do

I don’t want to see you suffer

I never want to see you blue
Corrine Corrina 

Write me when you find your way

I’m not blind to your wandering

But you’re welcome to stay

I’ll love you till the colors of this world

Fade to gray
Corrine Corrina

It’s fare thee well 

We may meet again

Only time will tell

I’ll be waiting outside heaven

As you feel through hell


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