A Glimpse

The mob is getting ready
The words are being lost
They’re counting up the bodies
They’re choosing who to toss
Some people want a leader
While others want a boss

The poets all are murdered
The border’s rising up
Everybody’s drinking
From a little broken cup
There’s a hatred rushing in
A love broken abrupt

There’s riots in the grocery store
Blood on the avenue
The locals keep on talking
How they’re not sure what to do
Half of them are angry
And the other half is you.

You can feel war coming
You can hear the rumored horn
You can see the family breaking
You can taste the bitter scorn
All the children are saying,                   ‘Better never to’ve been born’

The man can’t see the woman
with an image on a screen
The prophets can’t be heard
when conversation turns so mean
G-d receives rejection letters
From a monthly magazine

They’re ripping out the pages
The fire’s getting hot
The only book left
Tells you how to tie the knot
 You heard the hanging’s brutal
But they’ll still give it a shot

There’s a darkness outside
Because there’s darkness within
Some call it ignorance
Others call it sin.                                   Though you feel so lost                           Know the darkness never wins.         though the light is low                                 the darkness never wins


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