Maximus is a freethinker, iconoclast and martial artist who aspires to one day be a true philosopher king. 


We live in a feminist, wishy washy culture of beta males who are too scared to move. Not an Alpha Emperor though. Look at me. I do five hundred jumping jacks a day. I eat a raw egg for breakfast.

I don’t connect with women who insist on exercising emotions because men aren’t supposed to have emotions. We’re hunters. Look at all the great men in history. Did George Washington have emotions? No, he didn’t. He let his male logic and testorone lead every decision he ever made. Remember, you can never have enough testosterone. I wish I could eat testorone for breakfast. Instead I settle for red meat and carrots, the manliest of vegetables. 

Men are biologically designed to kill things and make decisions. Before the woman’s lib you could kill anyone.  Businessmen in suits smoked sixty cigarettes a day and never had lung cancer, and you could make a SENSIBLE comment to a secretary (like she was looking good) without having some beta call it “sexual harassment.” If you don’t believe me, watch the first few seasons of Mad Men. 

Image from the documentary 

We live in a different time. Men are discouraged from being men. They are told to be “forgiving” and “turn the other cheek.” This is Marxist propaganda, spewed out in the last fifty years. Even churches, usually the bastion of common sense morality, have been duped into this garbage. 

          The real Jesus, in his garage taming nature

We are a nation of flabby, beta males. We don’t go to war anymore. We listen to extreme libtards who insist on feminine values, like conflict resolution, instead of higher male ideals, like war.Watch Gladiator for a perfect example of the right way to live. We need to go back to the Way of Ancient Russell Crowe.

Image from the documentary

Here are five ways we can bring society back to the good old days. 

1. Work Out

Rocky attacking meat

Men don’t work out enough, and if they do, it’s feminist-infested workouts, like running.The ancients never ran. If they did, it was likely they were homosexual and enjoyed Marxist plays. Real men lift weights and throw objects. 

2. Practice Game

This happens everyday and is taken from my personal photo collection

Women don’t want actual connections, they only think they do. It’s much better to use pick up lines from internet sites. The more brash, the better. One of my favorites is to go to random bookstores and find a woman reading some chick- lit. I say something like, “You read? ” and they go, “Yeah,” and I say, “That’s surprising,” and 9 times out of a certain number they keep the conversation going. Remember, don’t be yourself, be a stereotype of a confident, super-masculine guy. You’re bound to fool someone. If you don’t believe me,  buy my book. 

3. Re- educate Yourself

Just a simple, curious man enjoying a chapter of Mein Kampf over morning coffee

We live in a completely liberal media environment, one where women have the right to vote and you can’t send your children to the coal mine like the good old days. Read up on your history, before America slid into full-on pansy mode. I normally read ancient texts by violent warlords and generals. They teach me a lot about self-discipline and encourage me to do even more push-ups and jumping jacks. Don’t read anything by a woman,  ever. Women can’t write, and those who could were really just perverted men in drag. For instance, Edward “Emily” Dickinson. 

   Give it up, Edward

 4. Be Independent

  It’s all on you

The saying is wrong. You are an island. A big hairy island. We are being fed feminist lies of such harmful concepts like inter-dependence. This is a ploy to neuter our chromosomes. Back in the glorious days every single interaction was a transaction of power. If I wanted a gallon of fuel for my motorwagon, I handed you a hard-earned shekel from my coin bag in exchange from the manly commodity. Now we have a generation that slides their wimpy card, or worse – inserts it into a slow computer – in order to borrow some thin, weak gas in a Prius. This is not how life was meant to be. We must strive to cast off the shackles of weak feminine dependence in all areas of life.

5. Deny You’re Gay. 

I don’t know what this sign means

I’m not gay. I’M not gay. I’m NOT gay. I’M NOT GAY. We must remember this everyday. 

and evening

The gay community has infected our thinking with their harmful and erroneous views of sexuality.

One good remedy is to watch the most manly film of all time: Top Gun

But no matter how many new abs that beast mode guy at the gym gets, or how many times you find yourself watching the Swedish male volleyball team on tv, you cannot let the Marxists take hold. Ever. 

Top Gun is a great movie if you like planes  

You’re a man, and you like women.

I like planes a lot

You like women.You like women. You like women.

Just not enough to respect them. 

Dear God make it stop


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